Brrrr… looking cool this winter

Penny Pratley - Friday, December 13, 2013

Winter is here, and it is probably set to stay for a while if we’re honest with ourselves.  Chances are you already have the heating set on timer, you are wrapped head to toe in your favourite winter warmers and a hot toddy is never going to go unwanted, right? But along with some winter treats it can really throw our hair and skin into a frightful state.

But that needn’t be the case, not if you understand how to look after your hair and skin during the winter months.  These top tips will have you glowing in no time.

Pucker up 

The cold weather and biting winds can wreak havoc on your lips.  Chapped lips can become rather painful.  So make sure you use a moisturising lip balm such as Vaseline or Carex. Try to avoid licking your lips as this can make them even drier.

Quench your thirst 

It can be all too easy to drink less water in the cold weather.  But don’t let that be the case.  Your body and skin still needs plenty of H20 so don’t forget to drink lots.  And of course, be wary of too much alcohol, as well as giving you a sore head it will really dehydrate your body.  If you don’t fancy ice cold water at this time of year then opt for herbal teas and sugar free juices but do all you can to quench your body’s thirst.

Enrich your skin 

Your skin needs moisturising daily, and even more so during the winter months.  Central heating and harsh weather conditions can really dry your skin out.  You should also be feeding your skin with lots of goodness.  Help to fight those pesky colds and flu bugs with vitamin c, spinach and avocados.  Stock up on plenty of fruit and veg over Christmas and keep your body glowing.

Condition your hair 

The central heating can really dry out your hair, and can make frizzy hair a nightmare to handle.  Make sure you use a decent conditioner on your locks to keep them luscious this festive season. And, if your hair is feeling really rather desperate might we suggest a hot oil treatment?

Reduce the amount of alcohol, fatty foods, fizzy drinks and late nights you have over the festive period.  Be good to your body and it will be good to you in return.  It will also make that January detox even easier.


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