Growing Old Gracefully!

Penny Pratley - Friday, June 13, 2014
Embrace your skin – whatever your age!

I’ve been sat here thinking about what to write about for our first blog in a while, and one of the main topics I’m asked about in the salon as a beauty therapist is skincare and the ageing process. What I recognised early on in this profession is that we need a new approach to beauty.

My goal is to help men and women navigate their way through the confusing messages sent out in the media about skin care. I believe we need to approach the ageing process with kindness, not invasive treatments and surgery.

I’m not saying we have to say no to botox or fillers if that’s what’s going to make you happy but what tends to happen in the end is people have too much work done and instead of everyone thinking, “Wow she looks well, what’s her secret?” they end up saying, “She’s had that plumped out and that frozen out!” and you get all the wrong attention. The whole look will end up looking like, what I’ve called for many years now, the plastic fantastic look!

Role models of today for me are people like Dame Helen Mirren. She’s now 68 years old but when you look at her on the red carpet you can’t help but admire her for her inner beauty with no botox fillers or distorted facial features. She looks amazing. She must have a fantastic home beauty regime and regular salon beauty treatments. I would love to follow in her footsteps! It’s so nice to see such beauty and such glowing healthy skin in this day and age.

We need to see the aging process in a different light. Our faces are a map of our lives. Our facial muscles are working over-time, all-day, every-day, forming fine lines and expression lines on our faces and each one tells a story. Let’s embrace this, embrace our age instead of trying to cover it up and worry about it. They say beauty lies within, I think that’s so true.

A healthy glowing complexion is the secret to feeling good as we mature. If you are feeling down about how your skin is performing and feeling it could be down to a few different reasons. Stress plays a massive part in the health of our skin, different medications can play a large part in the drying out of our skin and of course the menopause can cause skin change.

Fear not! There are a number of wonderful treatment for all kinds of skin concerns here at Universal Therapy. I’m happy to give you a free skin consultation to recommend the perfect course of treatments for you, both in salon and at home, and don’t forget that the treatments are also all about giving you some “you time” helping you to relax and combat stress. Something you can start doing today though is drink more water to hydrate your skin from the inside! Try at least 2 litres a day for the next month and let me know how you get on!

I’ll be back soon with another blog, I’ll cover some of your skin care and beauty issues in more detail. If there’s anything you’d specifically like me to talk about, do get in touch.

Here’s to growing old gracefully!

Penny x

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