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Penny Pratley - Wednesday, October 02, 2013
Unwanted hair can be more than just an annoyance at times.  It can be very distressing.  Electrolysis is the only recognised and proven method of permanent hair removal, which is why we at Universal Therapy are championing electrolysis.

Our chosen brand is Apilus.  Guaranteeing 100% permanent hair removal.

How exactly does it work?

Well, electrolysis works by destroying the germ cells that are responsible for hair growth.  A fine probe is inserted into the hair follicle and current is then given to the hair.  This is different depending on the area that you are having treated and the hair type.  So, if you have darker and thicker hair in a certain region of your body then you will probably need a stronger current or more treatments.

Apilus is state of the art technology that uses a computerised electrolysis machine to target only the germ cells. Protecting the skin at all times and preventing new hair growth.

If you want permanent hair removal then look no further.  At Universal Therapy we are here to talk you through the technology, how many treatments you will need and how to look after your skin post-treatment.

You really don’t need to live with unwanted hair any longer.  Unwanted facial hair can really reduce your confidence and make you feel unfeminine.  But it ought not to, and you should not have to suffer unnecessarily.

Why not contact us at Universal Therapy today and book your consultation today?

Take that first step in ridding your body of unwanted hair.
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