Crystal Clear Microdermabrassion Treatments

Crystal Clear has fast become one of the world's leading brands in terms of high-tech beauty technology and skin care. Loved by beauty therapists and celebrities alike, at Universal Therapy we offer a wide range of Crystal Clear treatments to our clients. Follow the quick links below for more information on each treatment:-

Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion

30 Minutes
£35 per session
Course of 10:
£315 (saving of £35)

This is a safe and highly effective treatment that gently exfoliates the layers of the skin. It is most suitable for treating fine lines, wrinkles, uneven pigmentation, black heads and even post-acne scarring. The microdermabrasion gently stimulates the collagen and after one treatment there will be a noticeable difference.

The gentle and rejuvenating vacuum action works the facial muscles to lift, strengthen and tone. A cleanse and microdermabrasion treatment is given followed by an application of face and eye creams. The results - a more radiant and rejuvenated look.

Crystal Clear Deluxe Treatment

1 Hour 15 Minutes

The beauty treatment to the stars, the Crystal Clear Deluxe Treatment will leave you feeling pampered and looking like a celebrity. This Deluxe Treatment starts with a gentle back massage followed by microdermabrasion on both the face and the neck. The specialised lifting techniques are then applied to help tone the facial muscles. This is then followed by the famous lifting mask which will both tighten and lift the muscles. To complete your deluxe treatment choose from a head and shoulder or a hand and arm massage whilst you lie back and revel in the feeling of well-being.

Crystal Clear Back Shine Treatment

40 Minutes

This unique treatment begins with an invigorating back cleanse. The microdermabrasion is then applied with particular attention on any scarring, blackheads, milia, acne scarring or stretch marks. The aim of the Crystal Clear Back Shine Treatment is to restore your skin to its natural balance.

Crystal Clear Wide Eyes Treatment

30 Minutes
£35 per treatment
Course of 6:
£175 (saving of £35)

This is the perfect treatment for tired eyes. A unique activating solution containing caffeine is applied to the area around the eyes to help stimulate, smooth and hydrate.

Eye pads are then applied containing Chitosan, which is known for its key qualities which lock in moisture. The end results are eyes that look fresher, more alert as well as visibly younger looking skin.

A course of 6 treatments is recommended, 2 per week for 3 weeks.

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